法国纪录片《梦想创未来 Dream the Future 2017》第2季全10集 英语英字 720P/MP4/6.67G 未来生活纪录片

纪录片《梦想创未来 Dream the Future 2017》第2季全10集

What will the future look like? How will new discoveries and research impact our everyday lives in 2050?
Part 1: Cities of the Future 未来城市
What will our cities look like in 2050? How will they be able to accommodate the one million additional people who arrive every week? The challenge is enormous. To reduce the impact on the planet and the energy footprint and optimize exchanges within megacities, digital technologies will be crucial.
Part 2: Home of the Future 未来家园
This episode will show how innovations in construction are burgeoning: 3D printing, material salvaging… In cities, homes will be modular and “intelligent” and the growing population will lead us to explore new spaces on Earth and even other planets…
Part 3: Medicine of the Future未来医药
This episode will reveal how medicine in 2050 will be perfectly targeted and adapted to the individual as well as accessible to everyone. Just as science fiction already imagined, medicine in 2050 will be reparative and regenerative.
Part 4: Transportation of the Future未来交通
This episode will reveal a future in the making that is as astonishing as it is unexpected: new urban models, eco-mobility, self-driving cars, electric airplanes, revolutionary boats, and more.
Part 5: Work of the Future未来工作
New technologies will reshape and force us to rethink work. All around the world, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs reinvent our relationship with work to adapt us to this new era.
Part 6: Waste of the Future未来垃圾
Innovations are emerging around the world to considerably reduce our waste: development of circular economies, the spread of composting, etc. So, what will it be like in 2050?
Part 7: Cooking of the Future未来烹调
Cuisine meets a vital need, but it is also a way of expressing pleasure, emotions, and sharing. With an hour on average spent everyday cooking, it is also at the heart of our daily lives. How will cooking respond to environmental challenges in the future?
Part 8: Food of the Future未来食物
This episode will reveal the ways in which our eating habits will be revolutionized: vegetable proteins, urban farming, connected supermarkets, personalized food, new flavour experiences and more.
Part 9: Entertainment of the Future未来娱乐
Today, virtual reality headsets are reaching the masses and can already let users dive into spectacular new worlds. From our couches, we can now float through space, fly over New York, or zip along roller coasters. But, what will it be like in the future?
Part 10: Sport of the Future未来运动
As we embark upon the 21st century, sports now occupy a central role in our lives. They set the pace of our daily routines, influence our lifestyles, and maintain our health and general well being. This episode will show how the athletes of 2050 will be spoiled with technological choices.


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